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We offer a comprehensive line of elevator choices designed to meet vertical transportation needs of every type and design. Such as low rise, mid rise and high rise buildings, Kaysenergy are one of the best home elevator company the category Elevator Repair & elevator maintenance in the Pan india. Well-known Kaysenergy acts as one-stop destination for serving customers both local and from other parts of india. We believe that customer satisfaction is as important as our products and services, this helped us establishment of vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day. We are known to provide best-service in the following categories like: Elevator upgradation, Elevator Installation Services, Elevator Repair & Services, Home elevator installation, Elevator AMC, Home elevator maintenance cost etc.
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Elevator Maintenance Services

Kaysenergy has experience of provide Products and Services to the varied requirements of their customers, Kaysenergy is a one-stop destination for servicing customers both local and from other parts of pan india for any type or lifts/ escelators. Our main aim is to provide quality service and first class solutions by giving mesmerizing designs, services and modernization programs, Our maintenance programs and the best advice for all our elevator products by giving a personal and flexible approach to our clients for all types of installations such as, Home elevator design Home elevator maintenance cost, elevators for home use, Home elevator maintenance cost, etc.

Elevators Product

  Adjustable Door Opening & Closing Time   Alarm Button
  Car Call Cancellation at Terminal Stop   Attendant
  Direction Arrow and Position Indicator on all Stops   Home Landing
  Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection   Repeated Door Closing in the event of Lock Failure
  Door Protection by Light Beams (2 Beams)   Door Protection by Light Curtain
  Emergency Lighting   Intercom Car to Machine Room
  Overload Indicator   Automatic Rescue Device
  Compulsory Stop   Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex Control
  Direction Pre-announcing with Arrival Going   Opposite Door Operation

Kaysenergy Services

Kays Energy
Being top in this industry is a tough job, so that we have been able to offer our clients an excellent quality Installation Services of elevators.The offered elevator installation service is under supervisoned by our experts after considering the available space/area for the elevator, because we have to ensure that elevtors are reliable in nature as well as best in quality so that one who is using elevators have a comfortable and smooth journey
Kays Energy
Owning expertiese in this endustry, Our work dose'nt ends with installation. Maintainance of an elevator is something where we never compromise with quality because our elevators used at residential apartments, hotels, banks and similar applications and may cause someone's life, this encourage us to use high quality tools/recources to make our elevators more speed, efficiency and reliable In addition, the offered service is marked at the most reasonable rate possible.
Kays Energy
We are also providing Elevator Repairing Service to our customers, Repairing is more of similar to maintainance of a lift, our services are highly recommended and appreciated buy customers because of our cost effective price with similar reliablity as compared to some of the leaders in the elevators business.