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Kays Energy is a distinguished leader in providing services of elevators (lifts), passenger elevators, goods and freight elevators, automobile and car elevators, hospital elevators, capsule elevators, home elevators, panoramic elevators, power plant lifts and solar panels over the years. We look forward to every detail and preferences of our customers before meeting their requirements. Our elevators give cutting edge solutions in providing you space saving, easy-to-use carry builder mechanism without any delays or hiccups. We provide durable products that give you reliability and ease. Our technicians are fast enough to work on your requirements and fix the elevators and solar panelwithin the optimum space provided by you.

Our elevators give the extra potential and serve as a reliable vertical transportation solution when you need to safely move personnel and materials during daily maintenance, inspections, and outages. Our elevators comply with the industry standards and meet the criterion of German engineering specifications and provide adaptable hoists and lifts. Our elevators also provide aesthetically attractive interiors with a large glass viewing panel and bring an ultramodern travel comfort.

We also provide eco-friendly solar panel services from installation to maintenance as per the highest possible standards and ensure enough confidence for meeting your energy needs.


Passenger Elevators
Goods / Freight Elevators
Automobile / Car Elevators
Hospital Elevators
Capsule Elevators
Power Plant Lifts
Home Elevator
Panoramic Elevators

Solar Panel Services

We’re experts insolar panel services such as repair, cleaning and inspection services. Whether you have your solar panel systems under producing or isn’t functioning at all, our trained technicians will inspect your solar panels and diagnose any issues which prevent poor performance. During cleaning, our technicians safely wash your panels with approved techniques and equipment to remove the dirt and residual accumulated over time. We also perform repair services which include solar panel replacement/upgrade, fixing the wiring and electrical issues at an affordable cost.

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Elevators Product

  Adjustable Door Opening & Closing Time   Alarm Button
  Car Call Cancellation at Terminal Stop   Attendant
  Direction Arrow and Position Indicator on all Stops   Home Landing
  Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection   Repeated Door Closing in the event of Lock Failure
  Door Protection by Light Beams (2 Beams)   Door Protection by Light Curtain
  Emergency Lighting   Intercom Car to Machine Room
  Overload Indicator   Automatic Rescue Device
  Compulsory Stop   Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex Control
  Direction Pre-announcing with Arrival Going   Opposite Door Operation